Boat details

B&M Party Barge Come take advantage of our beautiful Party Kraft Pontoon Boat what makes the ride particularly comfortable is the stability of our boat. Every single person who gets in my pontoon boat for the first time eventually says something like, “Oh, that was really pleasant. I expected to be rocking around side to side and up and down all day. Even when we were going fast it was still flat and comfortable.” Someone can fall asleep lying down and taking up a whole couch, and you can still have 7 other people relaxing on the boat. With a large area and comfortable couches to sit on, it’s tough to beat the comfort of spending a day (or multiple days) on our Parti Kraft Pontoon Boat! When your tired of getting dragged through the water, you pull up the changing room and get out of their swimsuits into comfy clothes. Spending a day on our pontoon boat makes you feel like an instant millionaire! The other luxury of our Party Kraft Pontoon Boat platform adds something to fishing and skiing that makes it an excellent ski boat and fishing boat. For skiing, our pontoon boat fits as many people as you want to invite. For fishing, our pontoon boat is stable so it doesn’t spook fish, has ample room to walk all around the boat to fish in different locations, and can even have full enclosures to fish through the cold winter months with a heater inside. With little kids, I feel like our Party Kraft Pontoon Boat is much safer because there are fewer “don’t go there” areas on the boat. They’re fenced in with high side rails so they’re less likely to fall out of the boat. When you have little kids, they often get bored on a traditional boat because they can’t run around and are constantly told where they can’t be. That doesn’t make for an enjoyable trip. If you have older kids it’s the perfect opportunity to meet their friends and get some family time all at once want to be with friends, which means they often don’t spend much family time—so rent the king of all toys for a day our Party Kraft Pontoon Boat! Unlike traditional boats, which usually have limited seating capacities, our pontoon boat commonly hold 10 passengers comfortably. If you’re going out on the lake on Saturday, your kids can invite several friends over for games. Your kids suddenly become very popular.